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Comprehensive backflow prevention and cross connection control program management software
Cloud-based customer database featuring all components of a successful backflow prevention program 
Screenshot of GARDER's data snapshot feature.

Key Features:


Log hazards and backflow preventers while in the field using any mobile device with an internet connection, ensuring that data is accurately and consistently recorded.

Customer Notifications

Track test due dates and automatically generate letters using customizable templates to streamline communication with plumbers and customers.

Online Report Submission

With GARDER Pro, the program administrator can allow plumbers and testers limited access to enter test report data.  Save many hours for staff personnel and allow work to be performed on other important tasks.

Comprehensive Logs

GARDER Pro records any changes made to sites, hazards, surveys, letters, and backflow preventers. Easily track changes in the water system.

Cloud- Based

GARDER Pro’s secure cloud-based server ensures that all data is backed up and can be easily accessed from any internet-connected device.

Track Backflow Compliance

GARDER Pro’s tracking and analysis features provide valuable insights into program compliance and effectiveness, helping program administrators identify areas for improvement and take action to address any issues.

More Features:

Import & Export Data

Automated Backups

Interactive Reports

Batch Update Sites

Automated Test Due Notices

Unlimited User Licenses

Mobile Friendly

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